Sunday, 22 April 2012

Your personal details will be shared with the USA

This week the European parliament voted through a renegotiated deal by a majority of 409 to 226, that will mean your personal details will be shared with the USA whilst travelling between Europe and the USA, in order to fight against terrorism.  The USA clams that this data has been used to prevent acts of terrorism in the past.  The new deal provides stricter control on data use from the former deal that was agreed in 2007.  It seems as if parliament did not agree on this, that the USA may have imposed a visa regime in Europeans travelling there.

So what personal details will be released about you?  This will include names, addresses, credit card and phone numbers, but in some circumstances may also include sensitive data on your ethnic origin, meal choices, health, political views or sex life (although I’m not quite sure how airlines get details of our sex life currently!). The data can be used for a maximum of 10 years and after six months should be de-personalised so that those accessing it cannot link it to you.  More sensitive data about you such as race, religion or health status should be deleted 30 days after use.  If you feel your data has been used inappropriately you will be able to take this up further.
There is fear that this deal may prompt other countries such as China or Russia to ask to access similar information as a deal has already been negotiated with Australia and is currently in progress with Canada.

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